Conrad AvatarMy name is Conrad and I am still fairly new to gardening, 2014 will only be my fourth season growing vegetables. I am still very much learning, but I am a quick learner with a college diploma in Land and Water Resource Management which mostly only helps me out every time I need to identify a weed.

I never made this website for me however, I made this site as a place where I can share my success, and failures, to help anyone in similar situations succeed where I already have, or avoid the failures I have endured by fixing them in advance.

Though all of my knowledge comes from Zone 3a, as that is where I live, I would be grateful to hear from anyone with a gardening story to tell, no matter where they live. I will soon be adding a forum where general knowledge can be shared, and at some point in the future will open the site up for people to guest post about their own successes or failures in their own gardens.

There will also be pages dedicated to DIY projects that I make to help me with my own gardening needs. On the to do list this season is a reflector for my grow light, mason bee houses, a greenhouse, and a cold frame for some winter experimenting inside that greenhouse.

I will continue writing about my experiences with the Square Foot Gardening method, I am adding another SFG towards the back of the yard where I am going to try to grow a vertical pumpkin plant! I will also be looking into some specialized plants for this region such as our Evan’s Cherry tree that I planted in 2007.

I will also likely do some reviews on the tools that I use to get the job done, as I have a few odd ones that really work, and a few that don’t. One I would recommend to everyone is to get a gardening fork, I got one last year and boy has it ever saved me time and effort since.

Feel free to comment on all of the posts here, add me to your social media accounts, and check back often for new updates.

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