July 5, 2015 Greenhouse Update

There isn’t too much to talk about today in the greenhouse update. There haven’t been any disasters that required me to fix the plastic; there haven’t been any falling fans to break off my watermelon vines, or anything of that nature. What there has been however is a tremendous amount of growth.

As you can see in the video, everything has double (or tripled, or more) in size since the last video from June 21. This is in large part to a spike in temperature for almost a week that kept it near (sometimes above) 32°C (89.6°f) which a lot of the plants in there just loved. On those days the smaller containers and the flats needed to be watered at least twice, the medium containers only needed extra water a few of the hottest days since they do a good job of shading their soil with their leaves. I only had to water the raised bed and the large pepper an extra time once through the hot weather, and that was on the day when I couldn’t get the temperature down below about 36°C (about 97°f).

I tried something new to shade the greenhouse on those hot days which seemed to work better than the tarp I had been using before. I used clothes pins to pin up strips of landscape fabric to the cattle panels in the upper south side of the greenhouse. It worked alright, but eventually I think I will have to get something that shades from the outside, but doesn’t touch the plastic so that there is a zone where the air in the shade can cool before it ever touches the greenhouse. I think this is the best option, and should help keep the greenhouse the coolest on those hot days.

Another idea I have been toying with is to grow beans up the front of the greenhouse, either on the inside, or on the outside to provide a natural shade on the structure. The only thing that worries me about that is how it would affect the plants inside, since there will always be some shade thrown on them during the summer instead of just when they need it like a shade cloth would provide. I will keep an eye on the beans that I already have in there this year to see if the idea is even plausible to try.

That’s all for this update, until next time, keep on gardening and look for a guide to how I sprout my lemon seeds faster that is coming soon.

2 thoughts on “July 5, 2015 Greenhouse Update

  1. Hope DeWitt

    Hi Conrad!!! I ran into your mom today! She told me about what you are doing and I am very impressed!! My name at olds college was Patko and I am was your Instructional Assistant at Olds College when you took Land Rec. I would love to keep in touch and I think I have an idea that I could use your help with. I just have to wait until Aug mid to see if it would work. How would you feel about writing for a publication?
    Awesome!!!! Was great to chat with your mom!!! I am back in Didsbury. No work in the USA.
    Hope DeWitt (Patko)

    1. Conrad Post author

      Hi Hope! Long time to see. Sorry that I’m only getting back to you now, the site usually emails me when new comments are made, but that didn’t seem to happen this time for some reason. Feel free to email me at conrad.cardinal@gmail.com and we can keep in touch and talk more about your offer.

      Welcome back to Didsbury, it’s very exciting times here… I think we’re getting new recycling bins next year LOL.


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