Greenhouse Update June 5, 2015

Another month is here, and it’s time for a new greenhouse update. This one won’t have the same happy ending the other videos do, but all in all everything else in fine order. The only thing that hasn’t come up is the gladiolas, but I’m hoping they will be up any day now.

The raised bed is doing very well, planted in Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening Method. The tomatoes, peppers, and melons are given one square foot each (though, the basil encroaches on that slightly for the tomatoes) the pole beans are planted nine to a square foot, and the cucumbers will be thinned to the strongest two for their square foot. The onions are planted only four per square foot instead of sixteen simply because I only had four sets left once I was done planting outside. I chose to use his methods in there because it is sort of a small greenhouse and SFG works great in smaller spaces.

The flowers that I planted aren’t mentioned in the SFG book, but I planted them how I thought they would work best. The morning glories are just planted as per the instructions on the seed packet, and the gladiolas […] Continue Reading…

Greenhouse Update May 16, 2015

Hello everyone, welcome to the first greenhouse update for the greenhouse in 2015. What I am writing here will be complimentary to the video I made and posted above. It will give some extra information on a few things I wanted to go into more about on the video, but because I never remember to actually script out my videos beforehand I forgot to mention.

Feel free to watch the video then read the rest of this, or just pause and read the sections that have more information as you go along, I will make sure to bold the names of each section as I write about them.

The New Floor I will touch on this more in another post, but all I have done is removed the tarp, placed down cardboard, landscape plastic, and then loaded in some bags of wood chips. So far it is working great, except for when I spill soil onto the wood chips, it’s a real pain to get it out, as you could see in the video.

Onions There isn’t much to say about these onions so far, other than I put them in the greenhouse to see how they would do compared to the […] Continue Reading…

April 24 Garden Update

Hello everyone! First off I would like to apologize for my recent absence from the site, some things have changed in my life and I have been finding it harder and harder to find the time to sit down and write. Some things have changed around the gardens even with how busy I have been. Part of the reason I haven’t had time to sit and write, is because many of my evenings are filled with either extra work, or fiddling with things around the gardens and greenhouse.
The Greenhouse Floor
Those things include finally putting in a good looking floor for the greenhouse, and adding in the raised bed on the North side. I will do a complete write-up on it soon, but let me just say that it was a real pain in the back lifting that greenhouse while we leveled the sides. Most people would have just propped it up instead of holding the whole damned thing off of the ground while their friend shoveled… Apparently we are not most people, because neither of us thought to do it until much later!

The new floor and the raised bed are great new improvements to the […] Continue Reading…

Goals for 2015

Last week, I discussed some of the things that I had accomplished and learned through 2014, so this week I thought we could look ahead at some of the things that I will be putting time and effort into this year. I will break the projects and the plantings into three different groups, things related to the greenhouse, things related to the outside garden beds and areas, as well as touching on other projects that I will be working at that are not directly related, but have to do with the overall areas.
In the Greenhouse
2015 will (hopefully) see some changes for the better in something that I already love to garden in; the greenhouse will go under many small changes to make it work even better in the coming years. Those changes include:

One of the biggest changes in the greenhouse will be the addition of a raised bed on the north side right next to the wall. Though I was mildly successful with the containers I used in 2014, I could fit a lot more plants into a raised bed with a lot better quality soil than I had with the containers last year.

The floor in the greenhouse is […] Continue Reading…

A Look Back at 2014

Hello everyone, and happy belated New Year to you! Today I just wanted to take a look back at some of the things I did, and some of the things I learned in 2014. It was a good year for me, I don’t think I produced as much in terms of food in 2014 as I had in years passed (except for a record number of Evan’s cherries from our tree) but the garden had more diversity, and grew in size by quite a bit. I might have even doubled my growing space if you count the greenhouse are. Here are some of the projects that I completed last year:

I built a greenhouse. I used TexasPrepper2’s plans to build a nice sized, sturdy greenhouse that I absolutely love and am proud of. I will be adding some more things to it this year, as well as posting about building it, so stay tuned for those posts! Here is the video that started it all for my greenhouse, as you can see, there isn’t much to making one like it.

I added two new garden beds to the yard and moved another one to a better position. It took a lot […] Continue Reading…

Fall Garden Update November 8, 2014

With the cold weather on the way, I thought I should get out in the greenhouse and show everyone my fall garden set up. It is nothing too fancy, just a small plastic tent inside of the unheated greenhouse with an aquarium heater in a five gallon bucket to try to keep the temperatures above freezing.

Mini-Greenhouse Set Up
The first step I took to set up the small tent was to place down two slabs of 1” thick foam insulation cut to the same size as the tent floor (4×4’) and stacked them on top of one another.

Next, I put together the tent, which turned out to be a real pain doing it inside the greenhouse. There really isn’t as much room in there as I thought, but once it was finished I set it over the foam and tucked the sides underneath the foam to minimize the amount of cold air that could make it inside.

After that I used some bubble wrap to go around the inside of the bottom part of the mini-greenhouse to act as a layer of insulation for the inside of the tent. The plan was to do this all around the mini greenhouse from […] Continue Reading…

My Last Outdoor Harvest of the 2014 Season

As many of you reading this may know, we had snow very early this year, on September 8th. Generally we don’t get our first snow until closer to Hallowe’en, but something went weird and we got a big dump of it early, so early in fact that we had not even had a frost before it hit.

This ruined some of the plants I had yet to harvest from outdoors, I lost all of my corn, my pumpkin, dill, sunflowers, hollyhocks, and a few heads of lettuce that were buried in snow and forgotten about when the others were rescued. What I didn’t lose is a shorter list, but one with an ending that was better than I had expected.

After the snow had melted, and I was busy cleaning up the damage, I noticed a few things. First, the biggest cabbage that I had (the only one not decimated by caterpillars) grew tremendously in the cooler weather that followed for a week or so after the snow was gone. It almost doubled in size in a week, and was easily the largest cabbage that I have ever grown. I left it until September 29th before finally picking it; I then […] Continue Reading…

Fall Garden Update 1

This will be the first update on the fall garden that actually has some substance to it, to see the first small update, look at the bottom of the original post. It has been just over a month now, and things have changed quite a bit in the ol’ greenhouse, in preparation for the fall garden to take it over.

Right now, the fall garden is mostly spread out on the floor, out of the way, but in no way does it have a permanent spot. I have taken out the iris (it had bugs all over it), beefsteak tomato, the melons, and all of the peppers, but the corn, gladiolas, marigolds (which will be taken out soon) and Tiny Tim tomatoes remain for now, each taking up valuable space away from the containers for the fall garden. That and I need to pull up some quack grass that has managed to grow up through the tarp on the floor.

Once all of the plants are moved, or removed as they die off, and the weeding is done, the fall garden will take its place close to the south side of the greenhouse under two miniature greenhouse domes. Inside the domes, […] Continue Reading…